To everyone who came out to do the Shakespeare mini-fair demo in Elmwood 
last Saturday....
_THANK YOU_!  Yes, that's a shout!  You all were terrific!

 From Mag Mor, we had:

  * Osric, Raynaldus, Seraphina, and Felix were the MM fighters &
    Volkmar emcee'd.
  * Cat, Sashatec, Caterine, Natalya, Lorinzino, Katerine, Owain,
    Haldora, and Isadora demonstrated various activities in the A&S
    area. That included spinning, carding, weaving, hand sewing, rug
    tying, calligraphy, painting, camera obsura explaining, and
    something that I'll call artful posing -- just ask Natalya!
  * Etionette provided costuming assistance for the photographer.
  * Perrin and Aviendha checked out the offerings at the other booths
    and kept us informed -- including the petting zoo with really cute
    kid goats.
  * And, although they weren't able to attend, Dianaim and Gwyneth were
    there in spirit because they prepared the ginger brede and
    Shrewsbury cake samples that we handed out (along with recipes & MM
    business cards).

 From Lonely Tower, we had truly splendid assistance from:  Alexander & 
Roise, Nesscia, Astrid, William & Krystyn, and Bjame.

And an extra thank you to everyone who kept the sunshade and the tables 
from blowing away!

FYI, we were paid for the demo and the plan is to share that with Lonely 
Tower, too.

Well done, everyone!
-- Isadora

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