THanks, Britt:
I think I can upload my important files to another drive, then reformat the one I've got. 
Still considering another drive. but would rather not.

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On Apr 1, 2014, at 11:00 AM, Britt Griswold wrote:

Check this out!  The disc utility may be able to do this...

If it was me, I would just reformat the disk as long as you are confident that all the important document on your main hard drive are in good shape, and your HD does not crash for the next day or so while the TM archive is rebuilt. Otherwise you will need a different hard drive.


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I'm clear how you are trying to re-size partitions.

First of all, you cannot adjust partitions with data on the drives. You'd have to wipe the drive completely, and then reset your partition(s). I don't know that you can specifically set the size of a partition, but you can choose the number of partitions for a particular drive. But this must be done at the initial set up.

If you want to keep the old Time Machine backups, unplug the drive and plug in a different drive. Keep the old drive as an archive, and set up the Time Machine for the new drive.

As for drives. I cannot stand Western Digital, though they are popular and generally cheap. I usually use LaCie, and they've been reliable, except for one drive (and I suspect it overheated over time because I had it mounted extremely close to another drive; I suspect it didn't cool sufficiently although it did take years for the drive to fail).


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