I made a mistake on a copyright registration form. I got in a hurry, and put down the wrong name of the piece, as well as the wrong name on the jpeg submitted. Actually I already have a painting registered under that title. The titles are similar, that's why I just transposed the titles. 
I'm on hold with the copyright office now, for 1 hr 50 mins. 

I wrote an email on their form. 
There is no other contact information or FAQs that address this. Apparently the only solution is to call. That's probably why I'm on intergalactic hold. 

I do have the option, through the service to cancel the payment. I assume this would put up a flag for the process. On the other hand, the slow workings of this system, may not flag it until Christmas. 

I need to submit a correct registration now. 

I'm wondering if it's better to call early in the morning? But it's already 8:30 eastern time by the time I get to the office at 6:30. 

The other thing I wonder about is... if I cancel the payment, let it ride until someone sees the registration is incomplete, THEN, would that in any way disallow my corrected submission, because the image is the same but the name changed?

Any thoughts? 

Super thanks,
Linda M. Feltner Artist, LLC
P.O. Box 325
Hereford, AZ 85615
(520) 803-0538


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