I'll agree with Emily. They just increased the total costs too, so the 
monthly went up quite a bit. Despite that, I do like the fact that the 
upgrades are automatic, and the fact that you have access to EVERY 
program and feature they offer, not just the main programs. I didn't 
think that would be a big deal, but I discovered Muse, which is like 
iWeb on steroids, and I use it to put my website together (no coding, 
interface much like InDesign); it saved me from blowing my mind on 
Dreamweaver, which i do not have the time or patience for. I've used 
Adobe Forms Central, too. You have access to all their web fonts, all 
the support, and Behance, which I haven't used but looks intriguing. You 
can host your Muse website through them for free. There are other 
availabilities too.

To some extent, it's more than I need, usually, but having all of that 
available is a nice perk. Who knows? I might need other programs in the 
future. They keep adding and enhancing what they offer as well.


On 4/28/14 12:20 PM, Emily S. Damstra wrote:
> Marj, in my humble opinion, having to use subscription-based software 
> (i.e. Creative Cloud) is inevitable. You could postpone it for a 
> little while if you like, but I'm presuming that eventually a 
> subscription will be the only option. I think software by monthly 
> subscription is actually a great idea because I don't like to pay for 
> upgrades which mean that I skip versions which leads to a steeper 
> learning curve when I finally do upgrade. It's the /amount /of Adobe's 
> monthly fee that I find frustrating.
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>     I know this discussion has been on the List-Serv before, but now
>     with CC out for some time and CS6 now 2 years old, I thought
>     I^(TM)d pose the question again. Is it a good idea to purchase
>     Creative Suite 6 (now, 2 years old) or jump to the Cloud?
>     I only use Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop and idea
>     of one more monthly fee is really frustrating.
>     All comments/opinions are welcome.
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