For those who use Mac Time machine, I wondered why one cannot resize the partitions in an external drive?
I am consulting to the knowledgebase online. I have an external HD with two partitions. The MAC Disk Utility will not all me to re-size the volumes. I'm about half full (with old backups) and I'd like to resize the partitions, or eliminate the one that was first created and has nothing on it. 
But it won't let me do that.

I understand that TM will erase the old backups when it reaches full (when set on automatic), and copy over the new backups. I use a manual backup.  One place said just to delete and reformat the hard drive back to one partition. But I'm a bit hesitant to lose any complete backup of the whole Mac system.

Just wondered if this was a common thing (not being able to resize the partitions.) 

I might have to shop for another external drive, and would also appreciate any brands that are new and proven reliable. I've got OWC, Hitachis, Maxtors. 

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