ECN members,


As we discussed at the last ECN business meeting in Austin, the situation for ECN is changing relative to the IRS’ requirements for the Network in order to maintain our 501(c)(3) status.  Amidst our preparations for the meetings in Portland, which have already commenced, we are also actively working on a new set of bylaws that better encapsulates the Entomological Collections Network and how we function as an organization.  The most important change is the establishment of officers (which essentially perform the exact same jobs as we are doing now).


After several rounds of writing and editing amongst the ECN leadership, we are now ready to share a draft of a new set of bylaws for ECN with the ECN membership.  We will accept comments for a 3-month viewing period (until COB on Friday, July 11), at which time we will close the discussion to leave us sufficient time to incorporate substantive suggestions.  Our goal is to bring these proposed bylaws to the Portland meeting for confirmation by the membership.  Attached is a PDF of the proposed bylaws, which you may also access at the following URL:


Please direct your comments and suggestions to ([log in to unmask]) rather than the listserv to avoid clogging people’s inboxes. However, if your comment is more of a discussion item than a specific suggestion, feel free to post it to the ECN listserv so that others can see it and discuss if so inclined.  Thank you for your patience as we have worked toward this goal, and thank you in advance for your assistance in finalizing this document that will hopefully protect and guide the future of ECN for many years to come.




Pam, Christy & Floyd