Silk Banner Class:

I am sorry for being absent on word of my class to people who have asked
here, and emailed me. Life came on full, and I had to deal, debating even
if Lilies was a go or not, hopefully it still is a go.

Anyways, yes the class is still on. We are under a larger tent this year,
so not on top of everyone. The draw back of this, we will only have 2
picnic tables. Improvising will have to be made for a solid surface for the
frames. If anyone is up for the challenge of this please email me @
[log in to unmask] I will add you to the list. I have emails from 3 I
believe, so I can accommodate 7 more with frames that I will supply. If you
want to buy you own supplies, or just come and watch, the more the merrier.


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