Gwen, sharpest of eye and beloved of Apollo, gave wisdom to her
high-hearted prince. "There is a land to the east where coopers ply their
trade, with a wine-dark lake, a fair land, begirt with fortune. Give your
people benched ships and lead them across those many leagues. There shall
you honor find, and the chance for both you and your folk to do that great

Agamemnon then shouted the war-cry. "Zeus, Zeus, don't let the sun go down
or the night descend on us! Not till I hurl the smoke-black halls of my
foes headlong and torch their gates to blazing rubble."

Bright-eyed Gwen agreed. "You shall see the rosy-fingered dawn light the
glory of you and your people."

Are you seeking the rosy-fingered dawn at Pennsic? Will you see the
wine-dark Cooper's Lake? Will you help hurl down the smoke-black halls of
his foes? Agamemnon and Gwen care not whether you intend on serving Zeus,
Athena, Apollo, Hestia, Hephaestes, or Dionysus, if you intend to join them
please fill out the muster.

To do so please send an email to
Rhodri<[log in to unmask]>at
[log in to unmask]
<[log in to unmask]>with the following

   - SCA Name
   - Local Group
   - Arrival Date
   - Departure Date
   - Activities planned, such as fighting, archery, waterbearing, soup
   kitchen, chirurgeonate, arts and sciences, classes, singing, partying, or
   anything else you have planned.
   - Notes and Comments, including weapons preferences for fighters and
   tent size.

Feel free to go to the muster page at, where it
also has email links to [log in to unmask]

Keep checking as we update the
list to see who will be sailing with you to glory with Agamemnon and Gwen.

The email will not add to the muster automatically and will not reflect
your submission immediately. If, however, you do not see your name on the
list after some time, we might not have gotten your email or your form
data. In this case please email
Rhodri<[log in to unmask]>or try again.

Remember to pre-register at Pennsic War <> in
Populace of Calontir.

Also, make sure to inform Mistress Belanna, Calontir's Land Agent, of your
plans so she can make sure you have appropriate space.

Finally, if you can't go and wish to contribute to Calontir's might, or if
you have extra this year, please email Zsigimund
<[log in to unmask]>and inquire about sponsoring someone who's
never been.



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