Greeting Good Gentles,

Have you ever wanted to shoot from a Viking longboat? The Bee Hive Five
(Lady Alessandra de Piro, Lady Cecilia de Gatisbury, Lady Emeline de
Moulineaux, Mistress Rahil al-Sirhaan, & Sir Robert Brockman) and the crew
of the Fyrdraca, have joined forces to bring you this unique opportunity to
do something exciting while raising funds for two worthy causes. The cost
is $30 (cash only please) to shoot one round of 6 arrows. All money will be
split evenly between the Fyrdraca Preservation fund and the Lilies Archery
fund. The boat will take 15 archers per raiding party, on a maximum of 3
voyages. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served, basis. Tickets
can also be purchased Friday night of Lilies at Troll. If you are coming in
on Saturday or Sunday, tickets can still be purchased (if available), but
you will have to find one of us. If tickets are not sold out, you can buy
them at the time of the shoot.

The shoot is the first Sunday at Lilies, starting at 4:00 pm.

****SOME IMPORTANT DETAILS: Participants need to be 15 years and older and
able to enter/exit/row the Fyrdraca. Please bring arrows appropriate for a
3D shoot. Also, participants need to consider how to store their bow &
arrows while rowing. Because of the rowing motion, amount of people on
board, and water in the boat, the bow cannot be laid down while rowing.

Lady Cecilia de Gatisbury

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