On 5/12/2014 3:29 PM, Berry Canote wrote:
> Well, it certainly does not look like a coronet.

It is good to ask.

Silverwings Laws #42:
"The SCA is pretty lax at enforcing its regulations, and cannot do more
than slap on the wrist. But becoming a social outcast makes the game no
fun. The penalty for violations of custom, while less precise, are

I was a little amused: I went looking to see if the East Kingdom has
created any sumptuary laws for itself recently, and most of my
Google Searches produced links to documents I wrote some 20 years
ago that say "No". :-)

It's worth noting that, in period, sometimes people violated actual
sumptuary laws in period, and paid the fines that went with it, just
to show how incredibly rich they were. :-)


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