Does anyone out there have any snow fence setting around in there garage? The folks wishing to do stuff with dogs are looking into ways to fence in the areas where the dogs would be off lead. Snow fence seems to be a possible lightweight solution, but before getting too vested it would be nice to try first so I am looking to borrow some during August.

More details for the interested:

Snow fence comes in Ugly orange, Not so bad looking green, and a nice looking black. It seems to come in several weights (judging by shipping weights) a 4 Ft X 50 Ft roll weighing 5 lb, being $14.253 a 10 lb roll- $21, 20 lb being $58 and 28 lb was $87. Usually the cheaper ones have no weights given. Heavier weights come in the variety of colors while the cheaper often don't have all the options. In an ideal world I think the heavy black would be the most durable and nicest looking, the two down sides are price and weight, price being the major one. I intend to check out some hardware stores to get some hands and eyes on up close but also need to see how well it packs and rolls back up. (like does it come 50 ft to a roll, shrink rapped to a 4" diameter roll but after its spread out and rolled back up ends up being 3 feet in diameter?) Hence a temporary loner would be nice. I'll take the fence as a donation too but don't go out and by one for that purpose. My plan is to have a donation box at The Great Machine for an off the books donations as is done wilt the brewers. Talk with me if you need more info.

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