There have been a series of feasts in the West Kingdom, called the PPFs, Perfectly Period Feasts. High on service personal, low on feasters, that do quite a lot to go beyond the usual SCA feast, even the ones that have period food and menus (which are rare in some areas of the SCA). 

Here is my message file on the first one:
Perf-P-Feast-msg (40K) 11/28/09 "Perfectly Period Feast" cooked by Mistress Crystal of the Westermark. A medieval feast, with atmosphere, 'done right'.

If yours was anything like this, I'd love to get an organized write-up on this. My standard policy is that the author keeps the copyright and I accept updates later if find you have more time to develop an article further or more material becomes available.

I've gotten most of my SCA feast reviews from the SCA-Cooks list over the years. Lately there haven't been as many feast reports/reviews. I hope it is just that the volume of the list is down and not that the number of good, period style feasts is dropping. There is so much more material available now, not only on specific period dishes and menus, but on all aspects of medieval feasts that it should be easier to put on good feasts. I hope that the SCA isn't just becoming a fight club.


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> That is an event our Canton held in February called "Finchcock's Court - An Elizabethan Dinner"  I am so glad it left you with that impression as it was the complete point of the event a PERIOD dinner done in a period manner and atmosphere, now last minute our event site double booked us and the feast ended up being held at our B&B so that is my Victorian Parlour in the background as artfully hidden and could be by Magister D'Unstable (known for the Bardici Chapel at Pennsic).  It has started a series of events in our area - the next is a Roman feast in June.
> Thanks for asking :)
> Bess
> -----Original Message----- Bess,
> Where did you get, what is the picture at the top of your blog from?
> Is that one of your group's feasts? I'm impressed. It is much more period looking than most of the SCA feasts I've been to.
> Even if it was a one-of-a-kind, staged photograph, it is wonderful.
> Stefan

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