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Of interest here - these designs were created in an attempt to mimic with the 9th C silk road textiles from Samarkland, known as Sogdian Silks, and their characteristic pearl roundels and 3 color weft. These will be printed (I'm ordering it on Cotton-Silk), and the initial order will be delivered at the War of the Lilies. (See, now you have to come to the friendliest war.)
Designs have been uploaded, colors and sizes played with, and the swatch sampler of the 22 design variations is ordered, with RUSH shipping. I will have them at Horse & Falcon for you to see & touch. In the meantime, check out the options here:

If you are interested in ordering any, PM me. I'm not trying to make a profit, but I've been looking for this type of design for about 5 years, and finally decided that it didn't exist out there, so I set out to make it happen.

Some extant examples:

And if you wonder how to use this fabric, think Byzantine Roundels, or a Palla, or trim on garments, like these from 9th C Moschevaya Balka, in the Northern Cascasus Mountains. I suspect using them on eastern Viking & Rus would also be documentable, but I haven't looked closely at those archeology reports.

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