This weekend is St George and the Dragon. Just got word from HG Ostwald. Fighting schedule will be: authorizations start at 10, 10:30 the Double Elim tourney, the Agincourt Melee to follow after the Double Elim followed by the Fyrd Sponsored Man at Arms tourney and Calontir Steel simultaneously, and to wrap up the fighting will be the 9' spear class.

 To reiterate the Man at Arms tourney is open to any fighter that does not have a fighting award regardless if they... have won a tourney in the past. The prize for the MAA tourney will be a 14th C hood of a lightweight purple wool with a yellow linen lining and yellow linen buttons.
Don't forget to bring your spears for the class.

 Come out have fun, get to know some new people, fighters, and bring people. If you're already committed to Warrior Child, go have fun, meet new people and bring people.


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