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On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 12:07 PM, Berry Canote <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Hail Tibor!

 I am thankful for the Academy of St. Gabriel. It is an amazing resource, but even then someone needs to know what they are looking for and where to look. on their site.

The Database of Medieval Names is indexing the names from St. Gabriel.  I find it very useful.  http://www.ellipsis.cx/~liana/names/database/alphalist.php

I also use this webpage to help look for particular names at St. Gabriel's if I don't find them above (although you have to get the spelling right or it won't find the name):
I am thinking of creating a small database of Anglo-Saxon names myself as none seems to exist.

Have you seen The Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE) - a database which aims to provide structured information relating to all the recorded inhabitants of England from the late sixth to the late eleventh century?  - http://www.pase.ac.uk/index.html 

There are names indexes from the Domesday book also.  If you find (or make) other useful references, I'll be happy to add them here:

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