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Thank you for the links! I am bookmarking them all. I think this is part of the problem though. Here I am a fairly new herald and I did not even know of these resources despite having been trained and hanging out on various heraldric forums. It is very probable then that newcomers will never know of them unless some herald points them to them. Considering some do not have ready access to a herald that is problematic. I guess with time though such resources will become better known. I think I may start adding links to name resources to my blog. It does not have a large readership, but perhaps it will boost such resources in search engine results making them easier to find.

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Hi Amberly!

I can see where the post might be intimidating to new folk, and I may write a simpler "how to." You are entirely correct though, choosing a name need not be a Herculean task. I know most of the names I have documented have been in only an hour or so. As for not choosing a name right off the bat that was one of the first things I was told many years ago, and I was glad I was told that.I think too many times folks are made to think they need to have a name right away. I mean after all your society name is on your membership card if you are a paid member! To be honest I have been in the SCA off and on since the '80s and I did not bother to attempt to register a name until this year. Anyhow thanks for the comments! And a post on why to register a name is an excellent idea!

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Hail Tibor!

 I am thankful for the Academy of St. Gabriel. It is an amazing resource, but even then someone needs to know what they are looking for and where to look. on their site.

The Database of Medieval Names is indexing the names from St. Gabriel.  I find it very useful.

I also use this webpage to help look for particular names at St. Gabriel's if I don't find them above (although you have to get the spelling right or it won't find the name):
I am thinking of creating a small database of Anglo-Saxon names myself as none seems to exist.

Have you seen The Prosopography of Anglo-Saxon England (PASE) - a database which aims to provide structured information relating to all the recorded inhabitants of England from the late sixth to the late eleventh century?  - 

There are names indexes from the Domesday book also.  If you find (or make) other useful references, I'll be happy to add them here:

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