Thank you Stefan for the list of links. I will be adding them to my blog's link list as well as bookmarking them. I want to thank everyone for the compliments, comments, links, and constructive criticism. All of it helps me learn and in turn share what I have learned.


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I highly recommend the Academy of St. Gabriel and refer folks to that site all the time. I used to collect a bunch of name info as I found it in various newsgroups, but once the Academy started, I stopped doing so.

However, I do have a number of articles in the HERALDRY and the NEWCOMERS section of the Florilegium, with the idea of giving folks a beginning idea of SCA naming and heraldry and more advanced info for those trying to figure out how to chose their name and heraldry and how to submit it.

In the NEWCOMERS section:

Choose-a-Name-art (12K) 10/ 3/09 "Choosing a Society Name: Hints for Newcomers" by Dietmar Reinhart von Straubing and Malachias von Morgenstern.

names-FAQ (14K) 5/ 8/96 Choosing and registering names in the SCA.

In the HERALDRY section:

heraldry-msg (74K) 9/24/12 Heraldry in history and the SCA.

heraldry-bks-msg (27K) 6/ 7/96 Heraldry books. book reviews.

heraldry-tips-msg (9K) 9/28/95 SCA heraldry for cultures that didn't have heraldry.

Of course I'm always looking for new good articles to add. Or if you just have a few comments, an email I can add to the appropriate file(s).

For instance, it looks like I don't have an article on choosing/developing your own heraldry or on the use of devices vs. badges. Anyone written such articles? :-)


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> Hail Tibor!
> It certainly is not an easy task, and the fact it is not an easy task I fear may discourage many newcomers. I really think there needs to be more resources made available to newbies, perhaps something like lists of documented names from a variety of period languages and cultures with citations that can be used on a submission form. There are already several such lists, but there need to be more, and it would be helpful if they were all in one place. There just needs to be something to make finding the right name not such a chore.  I am thankful for the Academy of St. Gabriel. It is an amazing resource, but even then someone needs to know what they are looking for and where to look. on their site. Perhaps with time heralds and other scholarly types can make more resources available. I am thinking of creating a small database of Anglo-Saxon names myself as none seems to exist.
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