Hello Calontir,

Greetings. TRH have requested we do a fund raiser for the Pennsic fund. I am putting one together and I need your help. I need some awesome items to raise maximum funds. So I wait for your message of what awesomeness you will donate for this venture. This will be held at coronation. I will make a Facebook page with the pictures of the items of similar items.

So are you New to the SCA, within the last 5 years, and you have never been to Pennsic War then this program was made for you. Three years ago Master Kirk started this program and we have sent people for the last two years and this year will be the third. If you are a leader in your area and you know someone that should contact me so that names can be introduced into the list. I am starting a list and we will fund people until we run out of funds.

If you are someone that can't make something then a donation would be in order. Please see me anytime at an event or at Lillies War.

As His Royal Highness said they would like to have the biggest contingent in a longtime.  

Yours in Service,

Lord Zsigmond, Torse

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