Hello Calontir,

Greetings. The time has come to think about the newcomer Pennsic fund.  TRH have requested we do a fund raiser for the Pennsic fund. I am putting one together and I need your help. I need some awesome items to raise maximum funds. 

So I wait for your message of what awesomeness you will donate for this venture. This will be held at coronation.

If you are not one so inclined to make items there is always the option to fund someone yourself, your household, you local group or donate what you can to help.

Remember that we offer $200 to help pay the entrance fee and some money for food.  It is up to the recipient to acquire travel, lodging and other food money.  

What I do want is for those that are nominated to be someone that is less than 5 years and is active at either the local or the kingdom level.  It is to assist us making sure that they get the fever or the SCA that the rest of us have.

Please forward to this to household, shire or baronial list, or any others you deem appropriate.

Yours in Service to the Falcon Throne,

Lord Zsigmond de Szekely,
Order of the Torse
Shire of Standing Stones
Kingdom of Calontir
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