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I believe I am finished with the designing, and will be having several test swatches of these designs printed, with several color variations. Anyone who is interested in ordering any directly thru me (I will need to get mine by Lilies), I will share my designers discount, if you will share the shipping on a pro-rated yardage basis. I hope to have the test swatches by Horse and Falcon, so you can see and feel what they would be like. PM me with requests. The designs are based of the style of 9th C Sogdian Silks, which were woven in Central Asia, and used a trade items along the silk road. This type of silk may have traveled far & wide, even if it was not as technically complex as the Chinese silks. I will be ordering these patterns printed on a Cotton-Silk blend - I've gotten a swatch, and it is lovely.

(The base price, before discount or shipping is $27 a yard, but you can get a lot of trim out of even a fat quarter of this fabric.)

Anyone, even those without a FB account is supposed to be able to view my album by following this link.

I know I haven't fully matched the complexity and weaving patterns of the Sogdian silks, but I've done my best, and I know of no where else to get any Sogdian Silk designs (in more than just 2 colors), and of course, no one else has Calontiri designs.

For all of you with other awards, after Lilies, I plan to finish the set of Calon awards. I have designs in my head, but it takes quite a bit of time to get them out of my brain and into the computer. I will also probably be doing the Baronies as well.

I will be using these silks to trim a caftan like those found at Moschevaya Balka. It is were the Alanic tribe lived. ;-)

If you want to see some of the inspirational extant fabrics or the finds at Moschevaya Balka - check out my Pinterest boards.

Please message me if you are interested.

Eleanor Deyeson

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