I believe your email was hacked. I received the following message from you:

"Greetings, how are doing this morning ? I don't know if you're aware that am presently in Turkey. I was robbed of my cash and credit cards last night but i thank God no lives were lost.

I need you lend me some money, about $2,800 or whatever you can afford. I need the money to settle bills here and get back home. I assure you that i'll refund the money immediately am home tomorrow.

Kindly respond asap.

I'm not super tech savy, but I see no attachments to contain viruses.  For those who are, are they just hoping I'm dumb enough to send thousands of dollars to Turkey, or am I missing a threat?  I opened the email on my phone but did not respond. I didn't want to risk responding directly.  Did anyone else get this message?  Thanks!

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