Greetings Calontir, 
Just a reminder of the A and S competition at Horse and Falcon's this weekend. Can't wait to see the entries.

Camping season, and Liliies War, is fast approaching. 
To celebrate authenticity in our campsites, at Horse and Falcon, the Barony of Forgotten Sea will sponsor an Arts and Science competition with the theme of “Period” Encampment. Any item used to increase the Medieval authenticity of your encampment is eligible for the competition. This could include “period” tents, furniture, lighting, cooking facilities, etc. Big or small, if the items improves the “period” nature of your encampment, please enter it.

Two prizes will be awarded – one for populace vote and one for Judges Choice.

Documentation is required, and should include a simple explanation of what the item is and how it is used in your encampment. Documentation should also include the time period and region your item is from.


Lady Cecilia de Gatisbury
Barony of Forgotten Sea Minister of Arts and Sciences
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