To the Populace of Calontir,

During the Reign of Damien and Issabell, I was appointed by Their then
Majesties as a member of the Additional Peerage Review Committee (APRC) as
the representative for Calontir.

The committee’s charter is to take a comprehensive look at the APEC’s
(Additional Peerage Exploratory Committee) report and the commentary
received from the membership at large and give the Board a final
recommendation concerning whether it is time for the SCA to create an
additional peerage to recognize prowess in Rapier and/or Cut & Thrust

To that end I am asking for more input from the populace of Calontir.

I do not want this to be a general discussion for the list.  I do not feel
that would be a productive use of the list and that would make it difficult
for me to follow.

What I am asking is that you e-mail me directly at:

[log in to unmask]

To help me out please put  *Fourth Peerage Comments * in the subject line.

In this effort I very much want to represent the feeling of Calontir and to
do that I need your feedback.

You can find the APEC report at:

*Please do not comment to the Board of Directors on this matter for that
comment period has closed. *

I promise to take all of your comments seriously and to reflect the feeling
of Calontir to the Additional Peerage Review Committee.

In Service to the Crown and Kingdom of Calontir,
Owain ap Bleddyn y Llwyd

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