Did anyone take some photos? If so, please post them somewhere or email them to me.

I mentioned an article in the Florilegium about hobby horses, but I've never seen it done in the SCA myself. 


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Greetings, everyone!

I wanted to send out a BIG Thank You to everyone that came out and supported the Hobby Horse races that took place this weekend. Both Adults & Youth seemed to have a grand time, the snacks were delicious, and the joy was infectious. 

We raised a grand total of $144 in the name of the Calontir Ministry of Youth! HUZZAH! Actual donations were considered more, since several people said they'd forgotten monies at home (you know who you are - give your donations to Mistress Roselyn next time you see her. :) Or, even more valuable - donate your time or money to hosting a Lilies class or activity!)

My head is still spinning from the generosity of this weekend (in more than just this activity). 

Huzzah for Calontir Youth!


Ever In Service,

THL Eowyth ža Sišend 

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