And I must apologize for forgetting to include two more from Lonely Tower -- Brynjolf and his assistant, both of whom were a big help and good company. 
That's the risk of trying to get everyone listed -- memory (at least mine!) being such a fallible thing. 
However, with some many doing such a good work, I don't regret naming names -- even if some names are added later.  Oh, and that puts us at 51 people!
-- Isadora

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Andrew and Micky's daughter is Lily.  It was a pleasure having her there
(she can now play the hammered dulcimer better than I can - which is,
actually, not at all).

Theron the Bookseller

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You all ROCK!
Sunday evening, I was writing down names of everyone who contributed their
time in various ways to make our part of the James Arthur Vineyard RenFair
happen this year.  The list was pretty amazing -- 49 people! Wow!

 From Mag Mor, that included:
Aibhilin, Arthur, Aviendha, Belinda, Cain, Calien, Callaghan, Caterine,
Catherine (Cat), Christien, Dianaim, Etienette, Feliciano, Gerald, Gwyneth,
Gyda, Halldora, Isabeau, Isadora, Jane, Keesha, Killian, Leofwyna,
Lorenzino, Luther, Maire, Morgana, Natalya, Owain, Perrin, Randwulf,
Raynaldus, Robert, Seraphina, Sigtrygg, The One Called Dave, Theron,
Vilhjalmr, Volkmar, Volund, William, Yoichi, and Andrew & Micky's young
daughter (Help me with her name... I was getting "blurry" 
by the end of the day when she was helping with take-down...sorry!) And, if
they had 't been "under the weather," I know Sashatec and Osric would have
been there, too. Hope you're both feeling better!

 From Lonely Tower, that included:
Christina, Dolan, Kezia, Nessa, Thora, and the marvelous young lady who
calls Christina "mom" --- help me with her name, please!

We had many, many aspects of life in Renaissance times represented: 
fighting - both rattan & steel, archery, music, flax processing, wood
working, carding, spinning, inkle weaving, card weaving, embroidery,
komihimo, hand sewing, Viking swing braid, calligraphy, Viking woven chain,
wire wrapped ring making, and samples and recipes for period ginger brede
and Shrewsbury cake. The queen of the fair was drawn from Mag Mor's ranks
and MM folk provided costumes & assistance for the photographer.

All those people visiting the fair must have seen us having fun, because I
have 29 postcards (so far, some may not be turned in yet) to mail to people
who were interested in our newcomers day event on June 1. Way to go,

Thank you all!
-- Isadora

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