As usual, we will have a food tent at JAV to provide snacks and drinks for
the SCA folk who attend.  Theron has volunteered to man the tent, to keep
food and drinks coming all day long.


He has purchased a lot of soda pop (diet and not, caffeinated and not) and
bottles of water, so there will be plenty of cold drinks.  Be sure to stop
by regularly to keep hydrated. 


So, now we just need food, so I'm asking for contributions.


I'm making fighter biscuits, and at least one other person who attended moot
last night said they would bring some, too, but we will need more food
(including more fighter biscuits, if you are interested in bringing some).  


Here are some ideas (in case you need any):

Fruit (especially oranges, preferably quartered)


Hard boiled eggs



Sliced meats

Fighter biscuits


Whatever else you would like to bring


If you are willing to bring something for people to nosh on, please let me
know, so I can have some idea of what is coming.  You can post to the list,
or off-list.






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