Last philosophy night those present generated a list of philosophy night topics.

They are:

Peerages – What is the purpose of a peerage – corpora


Lesser discussed kingdom awards

            Order of the Rose

            Order of the Sword of Calontir

            Order of the Keeper of the Flame

            Order of the Queen’s Chalice

                        Princess’ Chalice (retired)

            Queen’s Endorsement of Distinction

            King’s Favor

            Iren Feran

            Order of the Falcon’s Heart

            Court Baron or Court Baroness

            Augmentation of Arms

            Thegn of Calontir

            Order of the Archaic Fewment


How to make an award recommendation


Practicalities of starting to play




The fourth peerage


Conflict resolution


Are you a peer at events or all of the time

They are in no particular order.

The schedule for the next few philosophy will be:

June 18:            No Philosophy Night -- Wednesday of Lilies

July 16:             How to make an award recommendation

August 20:         No Philosophy Night -- Wednesday before Cattle Raids

September 17:   The fourth peerage -- if the committee has not yet 

                         submitted its report -- other wise I will select a different 



PS   If you have a topic that you would like to discuss at a philosophy night, then please e-mail me, and I will get it on the list.

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