Excellent!  Thank you so much, Leofwyna. 


At this point, I have volunteers for over half of the things I had planned to have there.  Yay!  Thanks so much to Isadora, Ilia, and Leofwyna for offering to make stuff.



1.	Gingerbread—a mixture of honey, bread, & spices  - Isadora
2.	Shrewsbury Cakes – shortbread cookies made with butter, flour, sugar, rosewater, & nutmeg  --  Gwyneth
3.	A clever food of plums—a sauce made with fresh plums and red wine &  Plum Drink – a syrup to make into a beverage—made from the liquid that results from making the clever food of plums   --  Gwyneth
4.	To make Spanish pastries – ground almonds, butter & sugar rolled up in pie pastry, cut in pinwheels & baked -- Ilia   
5.	Bread – of whatever sort someone would like to make (although I will happily provide a period recipe if someone wants it) -- Ilia   
6.	Isfyria  -- little seasoned meat cakes with a sweet/sour/garlic sauce -- Leofwyna
7.	Biscotti – biscotti flavored with aniseed -- Ilia   
8.	Mushrooms – cooked with olive oil, garum (fish sauce), honey, pepper & herbs --  Gwyneth
9.	Boor In Brasey – Medieval pulled pork  --  Gwyneth


Here is the list of things I had in mind to bring that are unclaimed.  If not all are claimed, that’s fine—I might make a few more things, and we don’t have to have all of these foods available, either.  But if you would like to make one of the dishes below, let me know, and I’ll send you the recipe.  I’ll also be happy to answer any questions you might have about the recipe.  J



1.	Olive Paste – ancient Roman version of an olive tapenade with olives, olive oil, & herbs 
2.	Cheese Round with Herbs – ancient Roman spread with ricotta, garlic, & herbs  
3.	Pickled beets & cauliflower – veggies pickled with honey, vinegar, onion, & spices   
4.	Dulcia Domestica -- dates stuffed with nuts & cooked in honey 
5.	Sausage “Hedgehogs” – seasoned ground pork stuck with almond “spines” and baked
6.	Badinjan Muhassa  -- Eggplant paste to go on bread/crackers


Finally, Theron and I will be out of town on Saturday for a wedding, coming back to Lincoln on Sunday morning.  So after Friday night I’ll be out of communication until I get to the event.





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Hi Gwyneth!

I won't be able to come this year but I'm making asfyriya for our camping trip next week and will make some extra to send along with Etienette to the Newcomer's Event.


(P.S.-sent in my final payment for Greece tonite-Yippee!!!)


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The Newcomer’s Event is this coming Sunday, June 1,  at Antelope Park.  I’ll be doing a “Taste of Mag Mor” food table again this year in the afternoon.  


Like with Taste of Calontir, the idea is to have period foods for people to taste, so they can see that period food is both interesting and tasty.  I’ll be providing recipes to give to the people who come to taste, too.


If you are interested in helping me make food for this, please contact me off-list.   I’ll send you a list of things I had in mind to provide, and I’ll provide you with recipes.  J  Of if you have something in mind you’d like to bring, that’s fine, too.


Thanks in advance for those who help with this!


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