What! It's illegal to tell how much you charge before three month? I've
never heard of that.

Too bad there is not a hired web person for the Guild, should could devoted
time to this. Of course I might be worth it to just pay to have to code

Heck I might just start a wordpress on my own. But I really need to know
why it is only legal to publish prices after three months?

On Saturday, May 3, 2014, Britt Griswold <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I actually did something like this back around 2000. The server was
> temporary and the Filemaker Pro DB was a DIY solution. It is legal to tell
> what you charged after 3 months. The Anonymous Web presentation is a great
> idea (that is how I did it). I hope we can do it again. But it is a matter
> of time and money now. Not so much free time as I once had.
> Britt
> __________
> Hello all!
> SO many things to say, but before I start rambling. I stumbled on a great
> GREAT idea to stop working for free/lowballing and help artists value price
> their work. A friend of mine is an ecologist and participated in a website
> where ecologists can post anonymously what jobs they took and what they
> were paid.
> This would be an amazing tool for the next generation of guild members. We
> could have something like that on the website, a place to post type of job,
> pay and level of experience that is visible to guild members.
> Arming younger artist with what pricing could help them realise their
> value and keep them from the work for exposure pit.
> What do you think? I would certainly renew my membership for such a
> service.
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