The iPhone app looks very interesting, the downside over the NeoLucida is holding the distance 
steady between camera and paper, and running down your battery. Upside is no eye positioning issues, 
and it is always in your pocket, ready to go!

Anyone interested in writing a blog post for the GNSI website on these two items?


On 5/13/14, 1:15 PM, lisa kanellos wrote:
> I went to Amazon to read reviews for the Neolucida, and one of the reviewers raved about an
> iPhone/iPad app called Camera Lucida that's available for $4.99.  Has anyone tried it?  The reviews
> from the app store are pretty impressive, so I'll probably give it a try.
> Lisa Kanellos
>  >
> Good morning, all.
> If anyone was bummed out that they missed the Kickstarter camera lucida, which sold out within a few
> hours of posting, you're in luck- they are now selling a limited run through the end of May.

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