Dear GNSI Friends and Family,
We were SO proud of the last issue of the GNSI Journal that we decided 
to just call it a day and stop publishing...

/NO, NO, not really/, but the delay in sending out the Spring issue may 
make it seem that way. I assure you we ARE working very hard on it. We 
had a Perfect Storm of everybody being otherwise engaged (Conference! 
Day Jobs! Life!). Most of the proverbial fires are now extinguished 
(haha, depends on who you speak to!); production is underway.

My deepest thanks go to Clara Richardson for stepping in and taking over 
admirably at the Editor-In-Chief position to help out!!

And we all thank you for your patience.


Gail Guth
Guth Illustration & Design
139 Lathrop Avenue
Battle Creek, MI  49014-5076
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