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A link to someone willing to list prices (again not suggesting these are proper prices):

Some advice on making ebooks from an Illustrator- Is it worth it?:
This is worth your 23 min. of your time if you are thinking about self publishing.  In general this blog by Will Terry seems very worthwhile on all topics related to illustration and children's books.

And here is some tech info on formatting ebooks for self publishing through Barns & Nobel (pubit- 3 years old now) plus general stuff on others:

In general I would say, if you are contributing art to a project, not initiating the project, you want to charge what it takes to cover your standard time and overhead, especially if it is custom art you have little hope of reselling elsewhere.
If you are working on a ebook project for two months, you need to get 1/6th of your annual income out of it, especially if they make it work-for-hire. Otherwise you need some of the royalties.

Britt Griswold

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Hard to believe I actually found some hard data. Here is what one company who publishes ebooks and has a stable of artists who produce children's illustrations in a fairly simple style will charge you. I am not suggesting this is what you should be charging. My guess it this would be the floor from which to start calculating a real price:

Britt Griswold

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On 5/20/14, 8:58 AM, Lore Ruttan wrote:> Does anyone have any insight on how pricing for illustrations in e-books varies from traditional
print? I assume e-books don't go through first edition, second, etc or have geographical boundaries
- does this affect pricing?

/Lore Ruttan, /Ph.D.

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