I love the Intuos touch pro, and the feature that I really like is the east of rotating the canvas on the screen. Since I've only used a newer intuos, I'm not sure if your model has the same features as mine. But in Photoshop, there is a rotate (the canvas), and that is done in the PS program. The tablet I has lets me use the  disk to do the amount of rotating.

Several folks mentioned their table-top setup for using the tablet. I found that I still like to use keyboard commands (especially with the left hand) as well as the programmable features on the tablet. So I have my extended keyboard resting above and and third of the way to the left of center over my tablet, which is fairly large, and it sits in front of me, where the keyboard would normally sit.  The keys are then accessible with my left hand without resting or dragging over the keyboard. 

I did not like drawing off to the side. I did that with an old Wacom Blue tablet but not this big one. 

Hope this helps.

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On May 23, 2014, at 9:43 AM, Lore Ruttan wrote:

> Following on Bruce's heels, a question I've had is how people set up their work space when they are using a drawing tablet?
> I've been trying to learn to use my Wacom Intuos tablet (a fairly old model) and I still find it very awkward. The biggest obstacle is that I keep needing to use the keyboard for Shift, Delete, Numbers, etc etc but the keyboard feels in the way. Also, when I draw with a real pencil I am constantly turning my drawing pad. I can turn the tablet but the image on screen doesn't turn so it is very disconcerting.
> Any advice would be appreciated! Lore
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