I wonder if that pertains to Canada, as well?   Not that I’ve ever heard of.


It’s sort of silly because I have to tell people how much a painting costs, so it’s hardly a secret. (although I will sometimes lower prices for paintings unlikely to sell or for people with very low incomes.) 


On illustrating jobs…books and so on…I would have no need to tell, but if asked I would unless the publisher asked me not to (in which case no contract would be necessary…if that’s what’s wanted of course I’d comply…or not if there was some reason I can’t think of that I didn’t want to, but then I’d say so up front and risk losing the job).




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What! It's illegal to tell how much you charge before three month? I've never heard of that. 


Too bad there is not a hired web person for the Guild, should could devoted time to this. Of course I might be worth it to just pay to have to code written. 


Heck I might just start a wordpress on my own. But I really need to know why it is only legal to publish prices after three months?

On Saturday, May 3, 2014, Britt Griswold <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

I actually did something like this back around 2000. The server was temporary and the Filemaker Pro DB was a DIY solution. It is legal to tell what you charged after 3 months. The Anonymous Web presentation is a great idea (that is how I did it). I hope we can do it again. But it is a matter of time and money now. Not so much free time as I once had.



Hello all!

SO many things to say, but before I start rambling. I stumbled on a great GREAT idea to stop working for free/lowballing and help artists value price their work. A friend of mine is an ecologist and participated in a website where ecologists can post anonymously what jobs they took and what they were paid.

This would be an amazing tool for the next generation of guild members. We could have something like that on the website, a place to post type of job, pay and level of experience that is visible to guild members.

Arming younger artist with what pricing could help them realise their value and keep them from the work for exposure pit.

What do you think? I would certainly renew my membership for such a service.

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