Two of the things confuse Canadians…why Americans don’t want the government to help protect them against the effects of disease and illness (but seem to have no problem with obscene amounts to protect them from the vastly less dangerous and widespread threat of terrorists…a minute fraction of one percent of what illness does in terms of hurting Americans, killing them, and damaging them economically), and the other is why our own increasingly fanatical leader seems to want to emulate that.


There are quite a few other things…but, if I mention them I’ll get accused of (a) being anti-American (I’m not, anything but, in fact) and (b) someone will complain that I’m way too far off topic.    One does not want collusion, but I can’t imagine how telling people how much you earn for a given job equals anything like powerful companies getting together to fix prices, or how telling people what they can say constitutes free speech…up here who would care?.   


Are not artists usually among the freest and the most enterprising of free enterprisers?





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The wiles and wherefores of law are often confounding.  Back in the 80's hospitals and community pharmacies started banding together in groups so they could receive lower (bulk) prices from wholesalers.  Nope.  Price fixing.  It almost took an act of Congress (this was when Congress was still able to act) to allow this process to continue.

Freedom of speech?  I didn't know you lived in Europe.



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Is it collusion if it is posted publicly? (Which is what I'm thinking of doing now.) Can it be price fixing if its many prices from many sources that are all personal data points? I want to look deeper into this. 


Um and what about freedom of speech?



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