All I know is that it just keeps on keeping. 

Some degree of protection comes to those who have gone through a recognized medical illustration program and enter work in that field, but how many jobs are there? Not enough. So what happens? Those artists become teachers, and send more hopeful graduates out looking for work.


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I have a friend who is a very good writer, who got lured into doing a sequence of twelve short spots in a fashion magazine called Flaunt, if can flaunt that.  He has six of the pieces fleshed out and went to the publisher to talk moeknee.  Turns out they wanted him to do it for about $40.  I kid you not.  He was thinking $1000 minimum.  His take on their response was, "They say, because we run on interns and exploitation, like the rest of the fashion industry, so this is how you break into the field. "The glory of being here is the pay off" (they actually said that, in so many words)."

Sound familiar?  I suggested he write an expose of the fashion industry and find a real world publication to print it.  That is, if there IS a publication anymore that doesn't operate in the same exploitative manor.

What do you think?  This crapola is all too common today and I just wonder if there's a way to warn others about it.  And warn what falling victim to this type of operation does to those who make their living doing art of any sort, including writing.  


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The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.  - Albert Einstein 

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