Hi Clarke,

We just finished a review of the species of American Cetoniinae associated with ants (52):

Still in early view: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/enhanced/doi/10.1111/ens.12085/#Survey

Puker, A., C. S. Rosa, J. Orozco, R. R. C. Solar & R. M. Feitosa. 2014. Insights on the association of American Cetoniinae beetles with ants. Entomological Science.

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Dear Clarke

I send you in attachment some papers that I have related with the topic of Myrmecophile. I hope some of them will be useful. In addition the book of Halffter & Matthews (1966) have some very nice data. The book of Hanski & Cambefort (1991) in Chap 2 (p 32), Chap 4 (p 61) and Chap 10 (p 186) have some interesting references. Also the number 74 of Scarabs have some information.

There is a very good review of the topic by Navarrete-Heredia (2001) Transactions of the American Entomological Society, 127(3): 381-429 but unfortunately I can't find it on my pdf library. I'm sure that some else will have it or maybe you can write directly to Jose Luis ([log in to unmask]) and ask him to send you a copy.

I send you a list of references that I don't have but maybe they could be useful as well. Maybe some one else on the list (Phillipe or Paul) have some of them:

Basilewsky P. 1950. Descriptions de deux coléoptères myrmécophiles nouveaux du Katanga représentants d’une famille encore inconnue en Afrique centrale (Col. Cossyphodidae). Revue de Zoologie et de Botanique Africaines 43: 182–187. 

Borgmeier T. 1937. Uma nova especie de Meloetyphlus Waterhouse (1872), e a hypothese da myrmecophilia deste genero (Col. Meloidae). Revista de Entomologia (Rio de Janeiro) 7 (2/3): 247–255. 

Cazier, M.A. and Statham, M. 1962. The behavior and habits of the myrmecophilous scarab Cremastocheilus stathamae Cazier with notes on other species (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae). Journal of the New York Entomological Society, 70(3): 125-149. 

Jacobson HR, Kistner DH. 1991. Cladistic study, taxonomic restructuring, and revision of the myrmecophilous tribe Leptanillophilini with comments on its evolution and host relation- ships (Coleoptera: Staphylinidae; Hymenoptera: Formicidae). Sociobiology 18: 1–150. 

Kistner DH. 1997. In: Kistner DA, Weissflog A, Rosciszewski K, Maschwitz U: New species, new genera, and new records of myrmecophiles associated with army ants (Aenictus sp.) with the description of a new subtribe of Staphylinidae (Coleoptera; Formi- cidae: Aenictinae). Sociobiology 29: 23–221.

Mann WM. 1921. Three new myrmecophilous beetles. Proceedings of the United States National Museum 59: 547–552. 

Mann WM. 1924. Myrmecophiles from the western United States and Lower California. Annals of the Entomological Society of America 17 (1): 87–95.

Ochi, T., Johki, Y. & Nakata, T. 1990. A new myrmecophilous lamellicom beetle (Coleoptera, Ceratoncanthidae) from Japan. Japanese Joumal ofEntomology 58: 31-34. 

Paulsen, M. J. 2002. Observations on possible myrmecophily in Stephanucha pilipennis Kraatz (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae) in western Nebraska. Coleopterists Bulletin 56(3):451-452. 

Reichensperger, A. 1915. Myrmekophilen und termitophilen aus Natal und Zululand. Meddelanden fra ̊n Go ̈teborgs Musei Zoologiska Afdelning 5:1–20. 

Seevers CH. 1958. A revision of the Vatesini, a tribe of Neotropical myrmecophiles (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae). Revista Brasileira de Entomologia 8: 181–202.  

Silvestri F. 1924. Description of a new genus of myrmecophilous Scarabaeidae (Coleoptera) of India. Records of the Indian Museum 26: 583–586. 

Best regards,

Jorge Ari Noriega

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Subject: myrmecophile/ termitophile scarabs
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Dear Colleagues,


I am looking for, if such exists, a review of the above subject. If not a single reference, any pointers towards papers where examples may have been discussed in some detail.


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