Hi Becky,
This is a generous idea; a good one to follow!  I would defer to a grad student, but I would love a copy of Rosowski's Perilous Journey if no one else asks.  Glad to pay postage. If you want to keep it local, or bundled, I also understand.
Sherrill Harbison

On 6/14/14 3:23 PM, Becky Roorda wrote:
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I'm downsizing my library in preparation for a move, and I would like my collection of books related to Willa Cather to find a good home. I'm thinking there must be a young graduate student out there somewhere who would like to have these books. If anyone knows of someone who they think would like a couple of shelves of Cather-related books, they can email me at [log in to unmask]. I'm not looking to sell these books; I'd just like to see them go to someone who could use them. 

Thanks much,
Becky Roorda

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