Ah--but page 572 of the collected letters? or another volume?


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Dear Melissa--

Why this sounds very plausible. Thank you so much!

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Hi, Terese,

It is entirely possible that Cather wrote to Ridge and that the executor may have possession of the letter. If you look on p. 572, you will read a fan letter that Cather wrote out of the blue to Edna St. Vincent Millay. That letter certainly indicates that Cather was a regular reader of poetry and capable of writing fan letters to publishing poets. I am very doubtful that she made any published statements to that effect, however. All of Cather's interviews are on the Willa Cather Archive site, and I just searched to see if Ridge’s name shows up, and it doesn’t. Her volume of published critical writing is quite small, and there’s nothing in there, either.

Hope this helps.

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> I think I posted this request long ago and had no answers but I'm still hoping you might be able to help. I'm writing a biography of the modernist radical poet Lola Ridge and her executor wrote that Cather said (or wrote?) that Lola Ridge was writing better poetry than any other modern American. Since the executor is supposed to be writing her own biography (for the last forty years) she will not tell me where she found this and I have been unable to located its source. Any ideas?
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