Thanks Drx, and a noble pursuit it was.

-- Logan --

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> In truest heart of Calontir, by shore of Sea Forgotten,
> A lady dwells, beloved by all, a treasure of the Kingdom.
> Through all her years, We've seen her grow in value to the Heartland.
> Such duties done, such service wrought, 'tis time to give full honor.
> In winter's chill at Market-time she merchant army mustered,
> That some might sell and all might buy, while orders sat in conclave.
> Likewise when sun did burn the land, near mooring of Fyrdraca,
> Broad ways she'd plat through marketplace, so crowds could move unhindered,
> And elsewhere would she work and toil, preparing land for warfare.
> Wben law decreed new Monarchs crowned, she hired a great cathedral
> Where nobles, peers and commons all did view the Coronation.
> The queens she's served with brimming cup and selfless gift of leisure
> All to the chorus add their voice approving of this action.
> Martino Rex of Calontir, who bears the Kingly scepter,
> And Ariel, His chosen Queen, would elevate Their subject.
> For years of toil and service fine, an Order was created,
> Which bears the mark of Heartland's Cross, true symbol of Our Kingdom.
> Within its ranks, a storied host, the Falcon's staunchest servants.
> It shall include forever more Miranda Logansdottir.
> Its badge she'll bear, all ancient rights, and access to its chapters.
> Her voice shall carry equal weight to others deemed so worthy.
> That she should not a pauper be, supporting new-gained station,
> We grant her tenth of tenth part's toll, of traders' duty rendered,
> Dispensed each year at Lily's-tide, when warring armies muster,
> As long as Falcon rules the sky, and host wears purple tabards.
> By these words did Martino Rex and Ariel Regina create and confirm Miranda
> Logansdottir as a Companion of the Order of the Cross of Calontir, issuing
> her Arms by Grant, and acknowledging all customary rights enjoyed by the
> Companions of said Order starting this nineteenth day of June, in the
> fortyninth year of the Society. Proclaimed at Our War of the Lilies.
> M.      A.
> Rex.   Regina.
> This evening I had the chance to complete a long sought quest. I was
> able to have a scroll text read for the last of four members of the same
> family.
> My thanks to Their Majesties, and Their various predecessors for Their
> allowing me this indulgence.
> Andrixos
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