Who wrote the text of the scroll?



Lisa M. Kies, MD aka Sofya la Rus, OL, CW, CSH, druzhinnitsa Kramolnikova
Mason City, IA aka Shire of Heraldshill, Calontir
"Mir znachit Pax Romanov"
"Et nunc et semper, etiam atque etiam, et discere et exquire et
alia."          -^-^-`

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> Cecily loves birds, all kinds and Elianor's device is a swan so it was
> requested that Swan Uppin be added to the text. It is a swan census. We
> have decided that she needs to find swans and tag them all...
> *~~~ Catalina*
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>> Subject: [CALONTIR] Calon Lily Text for Cecily Darvell
>> Date: Sun, Jun 22, 2014 10:38 pm
>> To alle nobles and gentiles thise presents Lres herying or seyng Maister
>> Mikhail, otherwise called the White Hawk Herald of Calontir, sendeth
>> humble
>> and due recommenmdacion as it appteyneth ffor soo moche as fellyship of
>> the
>> Order of the Calon Lily and the noble artisans of sayd Fraternitie,
>> courageously moeved to excise and vse gentill and commendable guyding in
>> suche laudable maner and fourme in the practiced craft of the Mystery of
>> Drapery, Fullery, and Brodery.

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