To alle nobles and gentiles thise presents Lres herying or seyng Maister Mikhail, otherwise called the White Hawk Herald of Calontir, sendeth humble and due recommenmdacion as it appteyneth ffor soo moche as fellyship of the Order of the Calon Lily and the noble artisans of sayd Fraternitie, courageously moeved to excise and vse gentill and commendable guyding in suche laudable maner and fourme in the practiced craft of the Mystery of Drapery, Fullery, and Brodery.

 Vpon Admyts into sayd Fraternitie the prentys must sweare to be faythfull and lovinge to the Fraternitie and Fellyship, and shall yield payment in the activity of swan uppin to further practitioners of the mysteries of the Fraternitie. Also it is ordayned That any be of misrule or misbehaviour either in work or in deed, or slandered, shall be corrected as their discretion giveth them. Be it known that none of the Fraternitie bewray little thing or much sayd in counsel among the Order or Part of them. Also be it hath any of the good name of the Fraternitie fall in Poverty, or sickness the whole body of the Fellowship shall take them as an almsmen of the Fraternitie.


Be it noted that on Thursday, the 19th day of June in the XLIX year of Calontir, the 129th day, in the reign of Martino the IVth and Ariel, there came, here in the court of Lilies war, before the populace there assemblyed, those of the Fraternitie and Fellyship of the Order of the Calon Lily, who will proclaim there is oon good Lady Cecily Darvell Prentys of the Dread Maistress Elianor de Moreland, who has practiced the Mystery of Drapery, Fullery, and Brodery. It having pleased the Kyng and his Queen to beestow thise Arms by Grant to their humble and faythful Lege Lady to now bare the Liuere of the Fraternitie of the Order of the Calon Lily, Per Pale Purpure and Or, a fleur de lys withn a bordure counterchanged.


Kyng                                                                                                      Queen

~~~ Catalina

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