All, I just came from a weather breifing with the NWS. They are advising a severe weather watch for for NE Kansas, NW Missouri, and SW through SC Iowa. This includes severe thunderstorms, large hail, and Hurricane Force Winds (70MPH straight line winds). Basically just north of KC about the Leavenworth/Atchison area running NE-E up to just south of Des Moines.  This advisory is expected to run till 7AM tomorrow morning. The rain and hail are expected to start around 1PM and the winds around 7PM.
I have a NWS PDF with a maps of each weather type for the greater KS/MO/IA area but I don't have a place that I can upload it to for access. I would break my FB sebatical to post it but apperantly you can't upload a file to a personal page and I'm not an admin on a public page that I can load it to. And my work computer won't let me upload a file to my Google Drive. So if you want the file or have a place that can host the file temporarily please let me know.
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