Dear all,

Regarding travel to the Conference and to Boulder:

* If youıre looking to share a ride to the Conference, please check on the
GNSI Memberıs Forum

* Please refer to the Conference website for information regarding transport
to Boulder from DIA (Denver International Airport.) Itıs all there under
Travel and Lodging

* Also, under Travel and Lodging on the Conference website are maps of
Boulder and the Campus. These will be included in your Conference packet but
it would be a good idea to print them out in advance of getting your packet.

* The bus schedule (RTD - Rapid Transportation District) between DIA and
Boulder is at:

* In response to Ameliaıs question - Euclid is about 2000ı  from Kittredge
South (the dorms). Ask your bus driver is he can drop you off at the bus
stop on Regent Drive. Itıs the street before Euclid.

* If you registered for the Boulder Conference, in the next 2 weeks, the
registrar will be sending you an email with the following information:
> * Campus and Boulder maps
> * Where to check in for dorm lodging
> * Where to check in for the Conference
> * Where to park (please note, if you reserved a parking pass you will pay for
> your permit at the dorm when you check in; if you didnıt reserve a parking
> pass, you can purchase a week-long pass at the dorm)
> * Where to store luggage prior to the Sunday field trip (if you're not staying
> Sat. night)
Looking forward to seeing everyone!


Marj Leggitt
Chair of the 2014 GNSI Conference ­ Boulder CO
July 13-19, 2014

Leggitt Design
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From: Amelia Janes <[log in to unmask]>
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Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 08:18:47 -0400
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Subject: Re: [SCIART] Conference travel from airport to Campus

There's also bus service every hour to Boulder with a drop off at Euclid
Avenue on campus, I think a half mile (or is it a mile) from the dorms
where we are staying.

Pick up Bus at DIA West Terminal (Level 5 - Door 506)

Catch Bus 5:43pm or Catch Bus 6:43pm

Arrive Campus: 6:59 pm or 7:59 pm

Amelia Janes
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On Sun, Jun 22, 2014 at 6:50 AM, Britt Griswold wrote:

> Linda,
> there is a ride share thread on the GNSI site forum in a members only
> section:
> I will be arriving in Denver Saturday Afternoon and need to find a way
> over to boulder myself.
> Britt
> ----- Original Message -----
> Hi All:
> Is there a notice-board on the website for people looking for rides
> from the airport to the campus?
> I am looking to take the Supershuttle from the airport to campus,
> Arriving on Sunday around 10am. Is anyone wanting to travel with me? I
> think the fares are cheaper if there are several traveling at the same
> time.
> But if anyone has a rental car with room, I'll be happy to provide gas
> money!
> Looking forward to the conference!
> Cheers,
> Linda
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