For those of you whom are interested in participating, we have 4 unassigned backlog scrolls to choose from.  There are also approximately 15 scribes currently "sitting" on a backlog scroll.  SO here is the challenge!  (drumroll please, thank you)

Any, and I mean ANY backlog scroll turned into their Majesties Chamberlain, Her Grace Phaedra, OR the Falcon Signet, Mistress Annika Or Myself (the Backlog Clerk) before September 15th will add their name to a drawing to win some Really Cool prizes!  Some of the current donations include fresh cut quills and reed pens, select paints and ink from myself and Eleanor of Glastonbury will donate a period bound book... Oh and there are cookies too!

If you are interested in participating,  but only do text or calligraphy, I also have two Illuminators seeking a calligrapher which which to team up.

Please reply to [log in to unmask]

Your humble scribe, 
Lady Julia da Brescia
Calontir Backlog Clerk

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