This year there will be another preprint-text-writing competition, upgraded to a -cum-roundtable at Cattle Raids, on August 23, southeast of Mag Mor. Unless an entrant requests otherwise, judging will be interactive among all the participants, a couple judges, and anybody who wanders near enough to get sucked in, so that we can nerd together--erm, benefit from sharing ideas.

If you wish to enter the competition portion, bring three scroll texts written for an imaginary Crown on three of Calontir's AoA's. Pick a unifying place, time, theme, or source, so the imaginary Crown would be willing to use them together. If it sounds interesting but you have no idea how to start, email me.

If you don't want to compete, come anyway for the roundtable. If you have a favorite book you like to use as a source, come share it with us. If you want to talk about the really cool text you wrote (pre-print or not,) bring it along. If you're considering maybe someday trying to write a text, come tell us what you're thinking, why you're interested, and if you have any ideas how we can help you.

If you're a calligrapher, illuminator, former Crown, or whatever and have some ideas about things that would make everyone's lives easier if text-writers did them, definitely come let us know!

-HL Ingeborg bildsbriotr Ulfsdottir

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