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Subject: Equestrian Activities (non-horse) at Pennsic 43
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Equestrian Activities (without horses) at Pennsic 43:

All persons interested in Medieval Animals are invited to stop by the Artisans Tent devoted to this  interest on Wednesday of War Week from 9am to 4 pm.---Artisans Row B.   There will be demonstrations and folks working on Arts and Sciences related projects  related to horses, dogs, and bees, etc.  Feel free to stop in and chat with people with experience in these areas, or just get some ideas of ways to get involved with animals and learn more about how they were used in the Middle Ages.

The Annual Known World Equestrians Gather will again be held at Pennsic War....Wednesday of War Week, at 4 pm.   All equestrians as well as those interested in Equestrian Activities are welcome to attend.   This is a chance to network and share ideas across kingdom borders, and meet other equestrians from the Known World.

I will also be teaching two classes related to equestrian activities....

Equestrian Research Sources --Mon Aug 4 - A&S 8--12:00 PM - 01:00
This class will focus on the sources available to the researcher concerning equestrian arts and equipment used in the Middle Ages.    The emphasis will be on locating sources for documentation of projects and as a guide to creating your own equestrian related pieces.  The  last part of the class will feature a roundtable discussion of favorite sources of participants.  1 hr. Handout 1$

A Guide to Equestrian Activities in the SCA --Tue Aug 5 - A&S 1---09:00 AM - 10:00
This class will discuss types of equestrian activities practiced in the SCA. As such it is an aid to those watching the activities, enhancing their appreciation of equestrian events through an understanding of the purpose of the "games," historical background, and "scoring" for competition purposes. This class is also of benefit to those persons seeking to get involved in this exciting area of the SCA experience.  1 hr.  

Mistress Shishido Tora (Gozen)
AEthelmearc Kingdom Equestrian Officer

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