So, I went to help with a demo here in Three Rivers yesterday, and discovered that I’ve really been too long off the field… it seems that the last time I dressed out to play was Gulf Wars… and I’m missing my elbows and vambraces.  I know that anything that got turned in to the War lost and found, and not claimed by June 1st has been disposed of already, so calling or emailing there won’t do any good… So, on the off chance that somebody picked them up to find the owner at home;


Anybody come home with a battered set of elbows/vambraces;  mild steel and black leather, patched straps riveted to the outside  of the leather.  Marked inside “L” and “R” because I’m like that…  Padded only in the cop, no reinforcement to the leather.  Very old Mandrake pattern. 





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