Unto the populace of Calontir, from HL Ailith Bystoune, Blue Hawk Herald, Clerk of the Order of Precedence, greetings!

I have received news from Calon Con and would like to address a great need brought up at that event, namely the spreading of information on how awards end up online and why they are sometimes messed up.

TRM and Their retinue as well as the local Herald submit a Court Report to me (and others) which I use to update an on line database. Thus usually happens one week after the event, although some times this can and has taken months. TRM also keep paper records that They pass on to Their Heirs.

Their Royal Majesties often rely solely on us, Their populace, to submit award recommendations from which They draw the spelling of names and home group affiliations. If these are incorrect, the only way anyone knows is if a member of the populace contacts me (VIA EMAIL ONLY: [log in to unmask]). I will always attempt to reach out via the CalonList when something does not match up.

As of today, the OP online ( is up to date through the last court reported, at Horse and Falcon. Please go check your listing!

If you are missing an award (not including those given at Lilies, or those given by TRM Aggemenon & Gwen, as I do not yet have Court Reports for those events), email me and let me know so I can get it in the queue. Facebook messages and talking to me at events/etc will NOT get your change in the queue. When I get an influx of requests (as I did last night/this morning! Hooray!) I prioritize in the order of missing awards over name misspellings over home group affiliations. Though all will be addressed.

If you have any questions, please contact me (again, email is best).

Yours in Service,
Honorable Lady Ailith Bystoune
Blue Hawk Herald
Kingdom of Calontir

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