Greetings Nakos,

What is your paper on?  It looks like you already have quite a number of reviewers.

I am always looking for good papers to present to my Florilegium readers, which include many who can not make a Calontir event. So after you have it in a more final form, i would love to consider adding it to the Florilegium.

Since you look like you will get some immediate feedback, you can wait for any changes you wish to make before you send me a copy.  In fact, even after you send me a copy, my standard policy is that I accept updates at any time. So you can improve it over time as you get feedback or do more research.

My standard policy is that you keep the copyright.  Please take pity on those of us who cannot attend this Queen’s Prize event and let use read your paper and learn from what you’ve learned.  I will hold off publishing your paper(s) until after this event has passed, so that I won’t pre-empt your showing there.


PS: The comments above also apply to the rest of you!

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Looking for a few volunteers to read my draft Queen's Prize documentation. Email or PM me for a copy.
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